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Child Self-Assessment

The Child Self-Assessment is broken up into 7 questions. Following each question, you will see the results with links for the remaining questions. Questions may be completeded in any order.

#1 - ADHD   #2 - Oppositional Defiant Disorder   #3 - Conduct Disorder   #4 - Separation Anxiety Disorder
#5 - Overanxious Disorder   #6 - Major Depressive Episode   #7 -Dysthymia

ADHD (#1): Which of the following are considered to be a significant problem at the present time:
Difficulty remaining seated
Easily distracted
Difficulty awaiting turn
Often blurts out answers to questions before they have been completed
Difficulty following instructions
Difficulty sustaining attention
Shifts from one activity to another
Difficulty playing quietly
Often talks excessively
Often interrupts or intrudes on others
Often does not listen
Often loses things
Often engages in physically dangerous activities